I design and build apps for iOS and Android

Hi, I'm Gordon. Nice to meet you.

Dublin based, I started out as a mobile developer 6 years ago. I have collaborated with many talented people in creating digital products on both Android and iOS platforms. I am quietly confident, passionate in what I do and always looking for a new challenge.

Mobile (Frontend)

I can design and build your iOS and Android app.
I build all apps natively on their respective platform.

Dev Tools

  • Android Studio
  • Xcode
  • Sketch
  • Github
  • Paper & pen :)


Looking to build and host a server-side api to support your new Android or iOS app?
I can help design, develop and deploy.

Dev Tools

  • PyCharm, Visual Studio
  • Python, C#
  • Django, Flask, .NET
  • PostgreSQL, Mongo
  • AWS, Digital Ocean, Azure, Heroku


Beezer app

Beezer is a social media Android and iOS app allowing users to rate, review and chat about all things Movie and TV. The app, amongst a host of other features includes full user authentication, push notification, in app chat, friend invite mechanics & Facebook integration (post reviews to Facebook).

The app was developed natively for Android (Java) and iOS (Swift) with all review, chat and push notification handled by a custom C#/SQL backend. The app was conceptualised, designed and developed by a co-developer and myself and has a global user base.

Go Local

Go Local is a lifestyle app allowing the user to:

  • View nearby local markets (e.g. farmer & local produce markets).
  • View the vendors registered within a selected market.
  • the ability to buy directly from the market vendors (via app).

The vision was to develop and create an Android app that based on a user's current location would highlight local markets (via google maps), the market details and the various vendors resident at a given market. The app would also offer a vendor login portal where registered vendors can conduct customer sales directly via the app (Stripe integration).

The app is written natively on Android consuming a Python/Django backend deployed to a AWS EC2/S3 instance.

Making contact!

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